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Statement Fashion with a Chic Edit

Offering new and vintage styles,
we present to you an eclectic feminine collection of fashion
for women who like a little something extra

Fashionable looks with high design quality. We love details, unique looks, and dressing the woman who sets her own trends.​ No matter your personal style; minimalist or flashy, our statement fashions are the must-haves to refine your style. Our collections include brand new styles and vintage pieces. With weekly new arrivals, Stated Chic keeps your wardrobe relevant and interesting.

Providing an exclusive selection of carefully curated styles for ladies with a chic eye. In an age of eclecticism, good taste is always in style. The pieces are sourced from around our beautiful planet to bring you eye-catching fashions. At Stated Chic, unique fashion is valued over quantity. We carry limited quantities of our stock to ensure our chic ladies keep an exclusive edge.

Let us help you on your fashion journey.


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